Club Sinners x Frederikshøj - Shirt

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Size: XL

In collaboration with the 2-starred Michelin restaurant, we're introducing our tapered shirt. 

Together we continues to push the established notions of tailoring and enhanced them with new fits, fabrics and codes. This cotton poplin shirt has white-toned buttons and ruffles enriching the neck, two refined details both speaking to the theme of experiences. 

The back-shoulder on the right has the iconic Frederikshøj logo embroidered, which represent the "Yes Chef" acknowledgement in the Michelin kitchen. In the never-ending strive for sublime, the kitchen is often in a rush. A clap on the right shoulder is therefore an acknowledgement for good work. 

On the top neck of the shirt, is our recognizable label placed. The label present our inclusion for anyone who shares our vison. Free to interpret and visualise our point of view. Aiming to create change-making designs, carrying a voice and effort to change perception. A raw effort to go deeper - to look past what is immediate.

A collaboration between two brands who not just delivers a good product, but also an experience. 


Model is 1.75 and wears a M


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Unity, we believe that fashion can be a powerful force for good.

That's why our streetwear collection is named after the very concept of unity. Our pieces are designed to bring people together, breaking down barriers and celebrating diversity.

We believe in promoting inclusivity, and our collection is perfect for anyone looking to make a statement while standing up for what they believe in.

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