In these times of uncertainty, it has become more crucial than ever
to connect. Both with the people you love, but also within yourself.
We have been tried, tested and we have proved ourselves adaptable and
tough-skinned. But this toughening-up comes at a cost.


In times of uncertainty, we tend to go back to our roots. Revisiting our own, we´ve looked into our archives. Diving into one of the first paratrooper divisions of the world:
The 101st Airborne.

Paying homage to some of the bravest men of the army, we´ve
reinterpreted the airborne aesthetic into a a small contemporary capsule of leisure-wear. The tattoo-artist Givwood has depicted this bravery in a series of prints, inspired by the relentless will of these men. Willing to throw themselves blindly into the clouds for their brothers. Envisioning their spirit.

Like these men, we too, have joined forces. Doing what we do best. HALO with a deep knowledge of fit and function. Club Sinners with a love for prints and stencils.Arming the values that connect us; heritage, craft and above all: Our community