The time has come for our 2nd drop – in which we’ve sought to our roots in nature. The grove collection takes its inspiration from the beautiful Risskov -one of the great prides of Aarhus. Our home.

It is a place to seek comfort and piece - as well as self-discovery. One never knowswhat the many paths of the forest will reveal. It is a place of serenity and reflection. A place of calm.


A very select number of items from the collection will be released in-store, in afirst-come-first-served manner. However, we will also be releasing the collection as a pre-order on our web-shop, so everyone will get a chance to order theirs.

The pre-order will be open for 2 weeks, after which we will produce the number of products requested. We’ve chosen to go about releasing drop 2 this way, mainly so that everyone will get a chance to buy their favorite items. As well as making it possible for us to produce the exact number of products requested. This way we won’t risk over-production and causing harm to the beautiful planet, we’re honoring in this collection.